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Dixie Hair Clip (Individual)
The Dixie Hair Clip comes in 8 yummy colors! Sold individually.
Dylan Eyewear SunglassesDylan Eyewear Sunglasses
Comes in 3 Beautiful colors!
Ella Hair ClipElla Hair Clip
The Ella Butterfly Hair Clip comes in tortoise colors! Sold individually.
Eunice Hair ClampEunice Hair Clamp
Sold out
The Eunice Hair Clamps comes in 2 classy colors! Sold Individually.
Geneva Eyewear SunglassesGeneva Eyewear Sunglasses
The round shape of the Geneva sunglasses is great for all ages. Comes in 3 beautiful colors.
Hana Hair ClipHana Hair Clip
The Hana Flower Clip comes in yummy colors!
Hazel Hair Clip (Individual)Hazel Hair Clip (Individual)
The Hazel Hair Clip comes in 4 new colors! Perfect for those with long locks. Sold individually.
Ingrid Hair ClipIngrid Hair Clip
The Ingrid Hair Clips comes with butterfly design. Sold Individually!
Jam Eyewear SunglassesJam Eyewear Sunglasses
Comes in 2 Classy colors!
Janella Hair ClampJanella Hair Clamp
Sold out
The Janella Hair Clamp comes in beautiful color! Sold Individually.
Jelly Eyewear SunglassesJelly Eyewear Sunglasses
The unique shape of the Jelly sunglasses is great for all occasions. Comes in 4 sexy colors.
Jennie Fringe Bucket HatJennie Fringe Bucket Hat
The Jennie fringe bucket hat comes in 4 beautiful colors to choose from.
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