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Daphne Hair ClipDaphne Hair Clip
The Daphne Hair Clip comes in flowery colors! Sold individually.
Hazel Hair Clip (Individual)Hazel Hair Clip (Individual)
The Hazel Hair Clip comes in 4 new colors! Perfect for those with long locks. Sold individually.
Hana Hair ClipHana Hair Clip
The Hana Flower Clip comes in yummy colors!
Angelica Hair ClipAngelica Hair Clip
The Angelica Hair Clips comes with 2 warm colors! Sold Individually.
Cherry Hair Clamp
The Cherry Hair Clamp is ideal for on-the-go and easy hairstyles. This hair accessory is pretty classy yet straightforward.
Margaret Hair ClipMargaret Hair Clip
      The Margaret Hair Clip comes in 12 classy designs! Sold Individually.
      Lexie Hair ClipLexie Hair Clip
          The Lexie Hair Clips comes in 3 cutie colors. Sold Individually!
          Ingrid Hair ClipIngrid Hair Clip
          The Ingrid Hair Clips comes with butterfly design. Sold Individually!
          The Callie Hair Clamp comes in gold and chic vibes. Sold Individually!
          Janella Hair ClampJanella Hair Clamp
          Sold out
          The Janella Hair Clamp comes in beautiful color! Sold Individually.
          Louise Hair ClampLouise Hair Clamp
          The Louise Hair Clamps comes with colorful colors. Sold Individually!
          Eunice Hair ClampEunice Hair Clamp
          Sold out
          The Eunice Hair Clamps comes in 2 classy colors! Sold Individually.
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